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What is Counseling and its Resources? – Stonington / Mystic CT Counseling Services

Many people may have things that happen in life in areas that are difficult to deal with. Most can benefit from some degree of counseling. However, those people having experienced divorce, trauma, job layoffs and other types of loss may have a hard time bouncing back from such circumstances they find themselves in. Seeking counseling […]

Therapist Ethics and Confidentiality – Stonington / Mystic CT Marriage & Family Therapist

When pursuing counseling options many people become worried about issues of confidentiality. Some of them may wonder what information is confidential and how the information might be used against them in the future. People seeking counseling should not worry too much about this though because of the ethics that are inherent in the counseling industry. […]

Counseling and Military Families – Groton / Stonington CT Military Family Therapist

Military families work hard to uphold the country’s freedom. The soldier is called to active duty, but it takes a strong, cohesive unit to stand with that soldier for support. However, with the demands of today’s armed forces and the stresses of modern warfare, military families are dealing with more pressures than at any other […]


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