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Counseling and Military Families – Groton / Stonington CT Military Family Therapist

Military families work hard to uphold the country’s freedom. The soldier is called to active duty, but it takes a strong, cohesive unit to stand with that soldier for support. However, with the demands of today’s armed forces and the stresses of modern warfare, military families are dealing with more pressures than at any other time in history. Military families undergo stressors that most civilians will never experience. Here are several factors to consider.

  1. PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is becoming an increasingly common condition among soldiers and their families. The strain of being in a combat zone, witnessing horrific events, or experiencing an injury are just a few reasons why this condition occurs. Sufferers can have symptoms as mild as insomnia or as severe as memory loss, depression, acts of violence, or suicidal thoughts. If left untreated, PTSD can incapacitate a soldier and unravel his or her family dynamics. It is very important for therapists and counselors to be well-informed and specially trained to work with PTSD sufferers and their families.
  2. Marital Problems – Multiple deployments and frequent moves to duty stations can quickly take their toll on military families. Not everyone can adapt efficiently to new people and surroundings or be willing to change jobs or schools. When one spouse feels that his or her needs are not being met, a strain is put on that relationship. Therapists and counselors must be able to address this issue and be able to understand the perspective of the soldier and the dependents.
  3. Childhood Depression – Children in military families are deeply impacted by the experiences of having one or both parents serving in the armed forces. They may have to move or change schools more often than children in civilian households. Leaving behind friends and being forced to make new ones can often lead to behavioral problems. Also, military children are often witness to domestic problems between their parents, even instances of abuse. Based on these factors, different methods are needed to counsel military families.
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