"Untangling your past, empowering your present, redefining your future."


To Mystic Counseling Services, located in the historical Stonington Borough in Southeastern Connecticut.

In the early eighties, I began Mystic Counseling Services as an alternative to the clinic approach of counseling where one takes a number and waits. My approach to therapy is to focus on the power of choice and the development of options in meeting the challenges of life. It is in the act of choice, where we find meaning, freedom, and ultimately solutions to our difficulties. Counseling is offered in relaxed non-clinic environment where individuals, couples, or families are free to explore their needs and wants. Therapy is not about “what the answer is” but rather, how one understands the meaning of the problem and how a creative solution can be crafted. This process differs greatly from the sharp problem solving structure of either engineering or chemistry.

Therapy is a unique experience in a process more akin to improvisational jazz with its rhythms and key changes. Jazz, like counseling is a conversation between the left and the right, between the head and the heart. Mood forms rhythm, which opens to an improvised conversation. In this intimate space: themes, riffs and grooves are discovered, understood, and transformed. Rhythm within space moves back and forth, flowing freely between past, present and future. In those precious spaces, the ones between the musical notes, between the word and it’s feeling contain possibility.

Whether one has experienced the loss of a loved one, the loss of a marriage or others pains, counseling offers the promise of finding meaning and hope in one’s life. Counseling is about untangling your past, empowering your present and redefining your future.

Opportunities to live deeper life fills one’s life from horizon to horizon, how far one proceeds is limited only by the range of one’s vision. In the end, counseling is an opportunity to grow, to experience, and to become more. It can be a time to heal, a time to wake up, a time to take one’s life seriously, a time to move forward.

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With over two decades of experience, John. P. Carbo, MS, LMFT can provide you with the sensitivity, skills and straightforwardness to assist with relationship or personal difficulties.

Mystic Counseling Services also offers remote online counseling sessions using your home computer and Skype from a remote location.

Online counseling removes the need for face-to-face counseling this is ideal for couples or individuals:

  • In remote areas
  • Where there are difficulties in scheduling care for children
  • Where inclement weather makes traveling difficult

In the comfort of your home, sessions are held via the Internet. There is no need to download programs or buy new equipment. For those individuals who do not own a web cam or microphone, sessions can still go forward using the Internet and your telephone. Online counseling is simple to use and offers the highest degree of security.

Mystic Counseling Services offers online counseling sessions. This removes the need for face-to-face sessions, it saves gas and is useful when the weather is bad. This is perfect for remote locations or eliminating the need to have to drive from a distant location. Online counseling is one of the many ways that Mystic Counseling Services can empower you.

Online counseling is available from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and using Skype, a free software download located at http://www.skype.com. Simply create a free account, click the “get Skype” link on the Skype homepage, download and install the software then click the “chat with me” icon below. Next give me a call to schedule an online counseling session or for more information at 860.535.7210